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Settlement Reached – Ratification Next!

CCEA First VP and Bargaining Spokesperson Von Jeffers (OMS) led a handful of CCEA volunteers and officers to work through the summer to reach agreement on salary negotiations for 2014-15. CCEA District VP Lisa Hicks (CMS), Jamie Flatly (VOE) and CCEA President Laura Marzano (VOE) rounded out the team with Doreen Pagnotto (SGE) and JB Holmes (ALT) present and contributing at every meeting.

The district started negotiations with only one proposal in mind – the equivalent of a step increase in a new salary system that would have eliminated our salary schedule. CCEA came with 14 proposals and were able to reach tentative agreements on eight of them.    



Collier County Education Association

Since 1957, the Collier County Education Association has served as the collective voice of Collier County's professional educators and as the community's staunchest advocate for the improvement of our district's public education system. 
CCEA's office staff also is responsible for serving the classroom and office assistants within our school system represented by the Collier County Association of Educational Office & Classroom Assistant Personnel (CCAEOCAP).




Since 1978, CCAEOCAP has served as the collective voice of Collier County's office and classroom support personnel. Together with the classroom teachers represented by the Collier County Education Association (CCEA), we are the community's staunchest advocates for the improvement of our district's public education system. Over the past 30 years, CCAEOCAP has expanded with the growth of the school system and now represents nearly 1,000 office and classroom education support personnel within its bargaining unit.

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Collier TIGER

What is Collier TIGER?
Collier TIGER is the political action committee (PAC) representing Collier County's professional education associations, CCEA and CCAEOCAP.  TIGER is an acronym for Together In Government and Education Reform, and its efforts are exclusively directed towards enhancing public education in Collier County and throughout Florida. 

FEA Action Center!

FEA is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. Here you can help take back our schools by staying current on news, signing up to receive alerts, engage with allies and supporters, contact lawmakers, and write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.